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Personalized Dog Collars


Shamrock Press Enh2 11-17

Charming Pup Boutique

Portrait Quilts AVAD S-4X042392EP053634A

Reiki & Energy Healing - E2 6-30-16

Button Party Favors - E2 10-32-16

Simple Pleasures Bountiful Treasures - CSM E2-12/16

Graphics Shoppe - CSM Deluxe ad pkg




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 Improve your web site visibility, link popularity, Google PageRank, visitor traffic, and online SALES by exchanging links with other webmasters. is a FREE link exchange & link building resource designed to help make reciprocal link exchanges easier and more efficient. All sites included in our lists actively seek link swaps with related online businesses. The list includes country crafts, primitives, gift shops, craft supplies, home decor, and more.

Why bother?  Exchanging links with others helps improve your internet visibility. The more places your link is seen, the more visitors and shoppers you will receive. That's the direct impact.

The indirect impact is even more important. The number of inbound links to your web site determines your "link popularity". Many search engines look at your link popularity as a measure of your "importance". More important sites "deserve" to be ranked higher in the search engine results. The higher you rank, the more visitors and shoppers you will receive. Thus the number of link exchanges (inbound links or back links) may impact your search engine keyword position. Link building should be a key component in search engine optimization (SEO) for any website.

Google places tremendous importance upon link popularity & back links when assigning keyword positions, and even created a special system to measure it: PageRank.

For more information concerning the link exchange fundamentals, including Google PageRank concepts, please visit our "Why Link?" page. 

Ready to do some link building? ... Let's get started!

 All sites listed on following pages actively seek link exchanges with other craft, gift, home decor, primitive, or WAHM  related businesses. Please visit the sites with whom your desire a link swap for link exchange details & procedures. Keep in mind that just because you contact them, they are not obligated to exchange links with you. They have the right to choose with whom they wish to exchange links (just as you do).

We maintain two large link exchange lists, "Oakie" and "Dokie". Each contain different web sites, but there is no difference in category or site theme. 


   Link Exchange Special Offer  

One of our clients, CPG Bulk Sales, has a great new link exchange special offer. They specialize in bulk paper supplies and have 13 websites, each with their own links page. If you link to any ONE of their websites, they will include your link on all THIRTEEN of their sites. Such as deal! For details, please visit CPG Bulk Sales, and click on the link at the bottom of the page.


How can I get my site listed on

1. Sites listed on our "Oakie" and "Dokie" link exchange pages are exclusively Craft Site Medic clients. Being listed on those pages is just one of the many benefits of ordering our web site promotional services. We do not accept "outside" web sites for listings on those pages. 

2. We do offer paid button banner ads (125 X 125 pixels) on this page on a monthly subscription basis. Billing is automatic via PayPal. The cost is $9.95 per month. This is a PR-3 web page. Sites must be family friendly and related to our overall theme - crafts, gifts, prim, home decor, etc. For details or to place your order, please visit our button advertising page

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